Meet the Animals!

Our animal family started many years ago with our adorable goldendoodles, Jazzy and BooBoo. They’ve both adapted from big city living to the slower pace of homesteading! Running is their favorite past time, but once they’re all tuckered out they have tons of grass to nap in.

Our chickens were the next to join the family. We started with 10 chickens and four ducks. Over the past several years we’ve lost a few, but the girls that have made it are looking forward to a new open pasture, once our big barn is complete!

Butch and Conner are the most recent additions to the farm, and ultimately what decided us to go down our fiber farm journey!

They came to us from another family that was relocating, and have been settling in nicely with us!

We have several more alpacas getting ready to join the family, once we’ve expanded our facilities!

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